Douyin Video Downloader

About Douyin Video Sharing App:

Douyin, is a videos media sharing app which is owned by China's young tech giant Bytedance (字节). The app allows users to create, edit and share short videos as well as live streams, often featuring background music. Here users can also play live streams with background music. This app comes with a lot of effects, which allows users to create funny, original and high quality videos. Douyin is known internationally as Tiktok. However, despite being presented as the same product, but in reality these two are not one.

Depending on the app store you use, you'll be able to download either Douyin or Tiktok. Users of the Chinese mobile App Store can only search for Douyin, while users of the Apple Store or Google Play will only find only TikTok for downloading. It becomes clear that apps are actually separate systems when the same search terms run in both apps. 

Features of Douyin Videos App:

Douyin's users can create 15-second videos, apply effects to them, and share them for public viewing. The app has a wide selection of effects, such as stickers, frames, slow motion, and other filters. You can even apply background music or change your appearance. The app is also known for making big hits to lip sync or dance hits.

Douyin's editing skills are intuitive. With it, you can easily create an impactful video, even if you don't have extensive information when it comes to video editing. At the top, videos created on the app can be shared on major social media, such as Weibo, QQ and WeChat. The app also uses hashtags to engage with topics. Douyin also had a feature of live streaming. It also has a direct Q&A, which users can use to engage with their followers in real time.


Douyin Video Downloader:

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Imagine you're browsing the "Douyin" video posts and you've found some videos of interest. You may want to download these videos for later or offline viewing, or share them with your friends, or post them on other online social media. To use or download videos from this app you need to login to this apps first, and then browse to the video you want to download. 

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Features of Douyin video downloader without watermark:

1. Web video download:

Download videos, photos, and music from Douyin site or app and save them to your desktop and mobile phone devices.

2. Best user experience:

You do not need special video downloading skills to use our services. Y2matez online video downloader always provides the ultimate user experience.

3. Use anywhere & anytime:

You don't need to install any extra software or plugins. No matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you can easily use our free video downloading tool. All operations are performed in the cloud, which is safe and easy.

4. Privacy protection:

Y2matez always puts your safety first. All of our services are based on encrypted data channels, and we make sure that all data is not leaked or stolen.

5. Compatible devices:

No registration or installation is required, regardless of device. Y2matez provides online services for all devices and browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.

6. Services:

Y2matez is committed to improving work efficiency. To this end, we have launched a range of services, including online downloading and conversion services to help users free themselves from traumatic actions.


How to download videos from douyin without watermark?

Step 1 - Copy the video link:

Go to douyin site or app and copy the video URL link which is your desired downloading media file.

Step 2 - Paste and fetch link:

Now paste manually or press the "Paste" and then "Download" buttons respectively.

Step 3 - Download extracted videos media file:

Once your video downloading request has been processed, you can download the extracted video to your computer or mobile phone. Here you can also choose the size, format and resolution of video prior to downloading.


Why to choose Y2matez?

You may like our Douyin video downloading service because of following reasons:

1. No login and regestraion system.

2. Download and share "Douyin" without watermark videos for free.

3. Download and save videos at 7x fast and high speed.

4. Supports all SD and HD video downloads.

5. You can select different type of size, formats and resolution of downloading video.

6. Supports copying links, sharing and republishing downloaded videos.

7. Supports Mobiles and Desktop devices.

8.  This is an online application so don't need to install it. Moreover, content is simple, experience is smooth, and it is very fast.

9. Compatibale with all mobiles and PC browsers.



Note: Videos downloaded using y2matez douyin video downloader tool are for personal use only but not for commercial use. Downloading copyrighted material without permission of respective owner is not encouraged. Download only copyright-free content or content that you have the permission to download from the douyin account owner.


All Supported Sites By Free Online Video Downloader


How to download video and audio from many supported sites using "y2matez"?

Y2matez online HD video and audio downloader is fully stable, user friendly and have a higher success rate to save media files. Now this online downloading tool will not bother you with annoying Pop-up Ads and confusing buttons etc. All of these downloading and converting services provided by y2matez downloader are 100% free, easy and safe to use.


Step 1:- Copy Link of Auido/Video:

First go to your one of the following given favorite site like: facebook, dailymotion or vimeo etc.. Here search and copy the URL link of video or audio.

copy video or audio url link


Step 2:- Paste Copied Link:

Now simply click the both above "Paste" & "Download" button respectively. Or you can paste your media file URL link into above input bar and press download.

paste video or audio url link


Step 3:- Downloading In Process:

Here it's our script turn to do magic with your link to convert into a downloadable links: such as, SD, HD or into 4k. This process mainly done within eye flashes.

your downloading is in process


Step 4:- Get Your Audio/Video File:

This is the time when you see a list of all extracted links. Select your desired format i.e. SD, HD or 4k and also take into account the resolutions: 144p to 2160p.

your video download link is generated