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Introduction of Soundcloud:

SoundCloud has taken music and podcasting music by storm. This platform is a boon for music lovers as well as aspiring musicians. It helps people upload and make their music viral in public. The SoundCloud site attracts users from all over the world who spend alot of time on it.

One could say that this is a social media for music lovers. Because the platform hosts the best music, users want to download them as mp3 on their mobile. It allows them to enjoy even when they don't have internet connection. In this article, we will show you the best way to convert SoundCloud to mp3. But first we know about Sound Cloud.

Soundcloud was founded in 2007, this music streaming company is the brainchild of Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. It is headquartered in Berlin, Germany from where this great company is managed. As of 2018, SoundCloud has more than 175 million registered users.

It receives 350 million unique views each month from around the world. In addition to the dynamic website that supports mobile, computer and tablet browsers, it has an imageable widget and API. With just single tap, users can share their favorite tracks on various social media and blogs platforms.


About soundcloud to mp3 converter:

With y2matez online downloader you can convert and download SoundCloud MP3 music in high quality format. We offer this service because SoundCloud does not provide a download button for songs and music.

We made this downloader and converter for SoundCloud as easy as possible. You have to just paste the SoundCloud music link in the above URL input field and click "Download". After that everything will go behind the scenes automatically. When the download is finished we will show you the download URL from where you can download your mp3 file.

The maximum length of a soundcloud music downloading is 2 hours, so you can download a lot more music than other downloading sites. We know you care about quality, and we do. That's why we've removed any restrictions on quality. All songs are downloaded with high quality which the uploader uploaded the song to SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is primarily a music YouTube, encouraging artists to upload their music and share it with the world. This is one of the easiest ways to explore the music business with old and new fans. Our SoundCloud mp3 downloader and converter is free, and we'll keep it that way. 

Features of y2matez soundcloud music downloader and converter:

1. SoundCloud Playlist Downloader: 

This is a great tool if you need to download playlists of the whole song from SoundCloud. You can literally download the entire SoundCloud playlist with over 500 songs per download.

2. Completely free with unlimited downloads:

The best part about this SoundCloud Converter website is that it's completely free. Also, you are free to download as many songs as you like. There is not any type restriction prior to conversions or downloads.

3. No registration required:

Unlike many websites, you do not have to go through a long process of registration and surveys. You can start using conversion and download services as soon as you visit the site.

4. No additional software installation:

You do not need to install any software that will waste your time as well as computing resources to download from this website. Enough to enjoy your web browser services.

5. Extremely fast download speed:

On this site, you will find extremely fast downloading of songs. In seconds, a download link appears, and the whole process takes no time.

6. Safe and secure:

Unlike many other websites, this one does not follow unethical practices. You can be assured of a safe and secure download. We value your privacy the most.

7. Supports all popular web browsers and platforms:

It supports almost all major web browsers across different platforms. You can download via Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and many more. Also, it supports mobile, tablet, and desktop computers devices.


How to convert and download SoundCloud to mp3?

Here you can quickly and easily convert music from SoundCloud to mp3. It supports downloading a song as well as playlists. The following is a step-by-step process to do this.

1st Step: First open site in your browser.

2nd Step: Copy the sound cloud URL of a song or the URL of the playlist you want to bring to your device.

3rd Step: You will find a URL input box above asking for the URL. Paste the copied SoundCloud URL there.

4th Step: Next, click the Download button to the right of the box.

5th Step: In a fraction of a second, a list of links to download a song or playlist will appear on your screen.

6th Step: Finally, click the download button and the song will be downloaded.


Asked questions:

1. Can i download SoundCloud songs using y2matez?

Yes, it is possible to download sound from the cloud through this web application. You will find the process above.

2. What file format does it offer in the download?

Y2matez allow you to convert or download SoundCloud music in the most popular 320kbps format which is compatibale with all type of devices.

3. Is the download free or paid?

Downloading from this website is completely free. You do not have to pay for the replacement of SoundCloud songs. Enjoy our free services.

4. Is it safe to download Soundcloud to MP3 from here?

Yes, it is safe to download SoundCloud from here. The use of website cookies only enhances the user experience. 

5. Does this website host songs?

No, this site does not host any songs. SoundCloud downloader work through their official site APIs.



Y2matez Sound Cloud Downloader is an online tool for downloading sound cloud tracks and music. SoundCloud allows you to listen to as many tracks as possible, but it does not allow soundtrack downloading. Y2matez is not responsible for any media downloaded from here. Y2matez allows you to download public domain soundcloud tracks for which the owner has given permission to download. Please read our "Terms of Service" before using this service. By using the y2matez, you have agreed to the terms and conditions. convert soundcloud to mp3 | Free convert soundcloud to mp3
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All Supported Sites By Free Online Video Downloader


How to download video and audio from many supported sites using "y2matez"?

Y2matez online HD video and audio downloader is fully stable, user friendly and have a higher success rate to save media files. Now this online downloading tool will not bother you with annoying Pop-up Ads and confusing buttons etc. All of these downloading and converting services provided by y2matez downloader are 100% free, easy and safe to use.


Step 1:- Copy Link of Auido/Video:

First go to your one of the following given favorite site like: facebook, dailymotion or vimeo etc.. Here search and copy the URL link of video or audio.

copy video or audio url link


Step 2:- Paste Copied Link:

Now simply click the both above "Paste" & "Download" button respectively. Or you can paste your media file URL link into above input bar and press download.

paste video or audio url link


Step 3:- Downloading In Process:

Here it's our script turn to do magic with your link to convert into a downloadable links: such as, SD, HD or into 4k. This process mainly done within eye flashes.

your downloading is in process


Step 4:- Get Your Audio/Video File:

This is the time when you see a list of all extracted links. Select your desired format i.e. SD, HD or 4k and also take into account the resolutions: 144p to 2160p.

your video download link is generated